Reverse osmosis: Reverse osmosis: It’s a process by which the suspended particles are removed by pressuring the water through porous membrane.
Symptoms in water: If the total dissolved solvents (TDS) is more than 300 PPM in water , No Taste or salty taste.
Effects of TDS : No taste, High tension , Blood pressure , Stones in kidney and intestine problems, Scaling in pipeline.
Domestic RO - Individual houses having Capacity: 10 – 100 L/hr.
Commercial RO - Used in largely populated places like Flats , Community living etc . Capacity 250 – 2000 litre per hour.
Industrial RO - Used largely in industries capacity ranging from 500- 5000 litre/hr.
Mineral water plant : Used for production of mineral water for commercial supply of mineral water. Capacity 5000- 25000 Litre/hr.
Why Global : Based on the water characteristic will choose the optimum materials to get the respective output with minimal cost .

Spares & Accessories

HP Pump

Raw water pump

RO Membrane housing

Micron filter housing

SS Tank


UV sterilizer

RO Membrane, Micron filter