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Mineral salts available in the water is not usable for certain process like laboratories , laser cutting , Boiler feed , aquariums and not used for drinking .
Process : Ion exchange process , Mixed bed deioniser
Water is one of the most abundant natural compounds. It is also one of the most contaminated one. A number of minerals readily dissolve in to water. They have to be removed from the raw water before it can be used for any industries application.
Our water demineraliser employ the modern ion-exchange technology to give to chemically pure water. A demineraliser removes these minerals from the raw water by an ion- exchange process. This process first exchanges the cations of the salt for the hydrogen ions and, then, exchanges the anions of the salt for the hydroxylions.

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HP Pump

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RO Membrane housing

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SS Tank


UV sterilizer

RO Membrane, Micron filter